Welcome to my website.

I hope to post new pictures quite often, so please keep coming back every few days to see what’s new on the blog. Most of my photographs are taken in Sussex County, Delaware, particularly in the coastal areas. Beaches, wetlands and the plants and animals found there are the usual subjects for my photos, but every now and then I get away from the coast (and out of Delaware) so other subjects will be posted.

Photos can be found through exploring Galleries. My photographs have been seen in Delaware Beach Life, Outdoor Delaware and other trade journals and environmental publications. I also do portraiture work including individuals, couples, groups and families.

A wide variety of outdoor sites around the coast are used to make that special portrait for you. Please leave a comment about my photographs and come back to take a look often. Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy it.

The photos seen on this page can be purchased. If you are interested in buying a print of any photograph you see here, wish to meet with me about a portrait sitting, or have any reason to contact me please email me at: tonypratt@verizon.net

Tony Pratt
Photo by Pamela Aquilani