Great Egret Option

March 23, 2024

Freezing a bird in flight in a photograph provides an opportunity to see and appreciate the beauty and grace they display while flying,  but which we usually have a split second to take in.  The ability to see the delicate lines of extended wing feathers, the S curve of the neck, the trailing legs pressed together for efficient glide through the air, and even wet mud trailing off of the feet is why I find this photograph interesting as well as artistic.  I love black and white photography and have done considerable darkroom work years ago and love making monochromatic photos in this digital age.  I thought this Great Egret color photo would be at least equally effective in black and white so I made both. To me, the b&w is more artful and appealing.  What’s your vote, color or black and white?

Cape Sunset
Storm Chasing

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