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A Face Only a Mother Could Love

August 12, 2009

Turkey Vultures are natural cleaner-uppers. They consume anything dead they find. This specialized work is made much easier when there are no feathers to get in the way when they stick their heads into a carcass.


Royal Tern Colony
Storm's Comin'
Silver-spotted Skipper

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  • Libby Kuzma May 16, 2011

    Hi Tony,
    I’m writing in the hopes of obtaining your permission to feature this photo in our first issue of a new online journal, Atticus Review. It would a be for non commercial use, as the review is completely online, free and a .org. We would love to use the photo as an accompaniment to a short story we are featuring. All credit would be given to you, the photographer, with a link back to your site featured within the post. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
    Thank you and all the best,
    Libby Kuzma
    Managing Editor
    Atticus Review

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