Apple Season

September 30, 2023

For those of you who follow my wife Pam’s social media (pamelaaquilaniphotography on instagram and Facebook) you know she is photographing Oceans Calling festival this weekend in OC MD.  I often make a plan for a photography outing when I know I have a free day to go out shooting and, being home alone this weekend, I wanted to occupy myself with going out to shoot.  Today was scheduled to be the final day of the Historic Lewes Farmers Market and last night I exercised a little pre-visualization  thinking I would like to create a photograph with what I predicted would be stacks of fresh fall apples for sale at the market.  So, I drove over to the farmers market at George H.P. Smith Park at 8:30 this morning only to find the market grounds deserted.  Another victim of the weather I presumed, but later found I hadn’t paid attention to where it was going on and I went to the wrong spot.  I still had that pile of apples picture in my mind so I used a photograph I took at the Reading Terminal Market a couple of years ago to satisfy my vision.

Fog Dew
Sunrise This Morning

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