Clapper Rail

February 1, 2023


I actually shot this clapper rail a few years ago on a February afternoon that I recall was an unseasonably warm.  Clapper rails are interesting marsh birds that are fairly secretive and rarely seen.  When I post a photograph of an animal or plant I usually do a little research on the subject as I did today on clapper rails.  I found out, thanks to The Cornell Lab All About Birds website, that clapper rails can drink salt water because they have glands that deal with the salt, that their eggs can be submerged in a foot and a half of water and still be viable, and that after the chicks are born the parents divide the brood in half and take care of their group.  That occurs when the chicks are about a week old.  Who knew all this?  I didn’t but do now.  Anyway, enjoy these late afternoon portraits of a common but shy occupant of our marshes.

Countless Snows
Bu Bye
New Nikon Stuff

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