Double Eagle

December 27, 2007

Chasing wildlife with a camera is an interesting activity.  One can go to the same place day after day, at the same time each day and never see the same thing twice (or even once most of the time).  Today two Bald Eagles decided to go to the same place I did right at the same time as me.  I thank them greatly for their cooperation.  Great light, two magnificent birds and a borrowed lens that I usually do not have access to came together to make a truly wonderful moment.  My friendly Heron was apparently bored by the whole thing. 

Fog Dew
Sunrise This Morning

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  • Jody Hudson January 4, 2008

    Double Eagle! WOW! Now, Tony, are those two male eagles or is the female capable of a white head as well? I have not in my life ever seen Double Eagles in Bald Eagles like this before! Truely AWESOME!

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