Good People

October 23, 2021

As I continue photographing food sources and the people who provide it for us, I meet some really good people.  This is Alvin Warner, an organic chicken farmer for Perdue Chicken.  I had the privilege of talking with him recently about his life growing up on a farm and continuing that profession through college degree and a fill time farmer.  At 75 years old he is still at it and looking forward a bit to growing his 200th flock for Perdue.  He cares deeply for his birds, tending to them many times a day, everyday they are are with him.  The organic chickens have open doors in the chicken houses to provide them access during the day to open space, fresh air, sunshine and all the bugs or plants you can find.  Here is a man who enjoys his life, every year, hour and second of it.  I am glad to have met him and spend some time with him on his farm.

Uh Oh
Tricolored Heron
Sun-Zen Rise?

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