It’s In the Details

March 9, 2022

A rainy morning in Lewes challenged me to get out of the house and search for something interesting to photograph.  If you follow my photography on social media I hope you realize I look for new ways to see and photograph subjects.  Going out this morning I really didn’t know what I wanted to shoot but Lewes Harbor often attracts me, especially because it is a five minute drive from my house.  I walked around the Lightship Overfalls for several minutes but nothing new caught my eye.  It was raining still and I initially gave up hope that an interesting visual opportunity would present itself.  Getting back in the car it popped up right in front of me.  Focus on the window and let the background be a recognizable blur of color.  So, lucky me, I got to shoot from inside my car using a very iconic Lewes subject as a part of an abstract photograph.  Making it especially interesting to me is the inverted background subjects that, because they are seen within the raindrops on the car window, are in focus while in the background they are not.  The second photograph shows that detail a little more clearly.

Good Morning
Snow and Deer, Nice Combo
Blizzard 0f 2024???

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