New D9

August 20, 2022

Five and a half months ago (March 4th to be exact) I placed an order for the Nikon Z9 mirrorless camera.  I knew then that I was actually just getting on a waiting list and I had no idea when I would actually receive it.  Well, it was delivered this afternoon.  Getting the battery charged and setting it up was the first order of business and then I went out into my yard to test it out a bit.  My yard subjects were scarce, a frog in my garden pond and dragonflies were the only living creatures to be seen in mid-afternoon heat.  So, this is my first post from the Z9, a leopard frog chillin.  I shot it handholding the Z9 with the Nikkor Z 100-400 zoom lens. I think this camera and I will become close friends.

Cape Sunset
Storm Chasing

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