Red Sky At Night, Photographers Delight

March 29, 2021

I was reading a book on photography recently and it mentioned that Audubon magazine, several years ago, ran a series of essays about color in nature.  Red was a standout and is a favorite of photographers for complementing a subject.  The observation made in the book is that red “is a favorite eye-catching color for editorial and advertising use.”  I often like setting an interesting subject in front of a blazing red sunset or sunrise to add that vivid, passionate tone to the composition.  Here I loved the barren form of dead pines with cones still attached back lit by a sky on fire from the setting sun.  The stratified clouds extend the horizontal reach of the branches adding a nice element to the scene.  The trees would have held little interest to my eye had red not dominated the background.

Cloudy Day Surf
Fog Dew

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