Red-tailed Hawk vs A Mouse

September 5, 2022

I have enjoyed taking (or making, as many photographers insist) photographs for as long as I can remember, going back to the mid 1950s with a Brownie Box camera.  Throughout the years I have rarely not had a camera in my hand when I am on an adventure be it for an hour, a week, or a year.  When I began to share my photographs on social media, with the encouragement of my friend and fellow photographer Kevin Fleming, I did so because I wanted to show any and all who looked at my work some of the interesting things I see, primarily landscapes and wildlife but occasionally people too, doing interesting things.  Whether it is a single photograph or two or more, I am telling a story, a story through a photograph of something you probably did not get to see or experience.  I almost always tell the story through a single image.  Today though I tell the story of a red-tailed hawk with its late day meal of a mouse or a vole ( I really can’t tell). Eight images tell the story of this patient hunter, sitting on a wire watching the grass below very intently.  A quick and successful dive results in part of an evening meal.  This story unfolded on the side of a country road a few years ago.  I stopped to take a photo of this hawk just hanging out but I got a far more interesting moment in nature.  You have to look closely at the last image to see the ‘end’ of the mouse.  A sad ‘tail’ to be sure for the victim.

Fog Dew
Sunrise This Morning
Sunset Vid

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