Storm Chasing

April 4, 2024

I readily confess that I am a weather geek and I love combing my love of interesting weather with my love of photography.  I was working in my home office most of yesterday and paying attention to forecasts of possible severe weather late in the afternoon.  A cold front was to pass through, chasing out the socked in foggy rainy weather of the day.  I kept an eye on weather radar as the front approached Delmarva, then Delaware.  I went out to shoot when it appeared the shower line would pass through Lewes within the hour.  The strong shower line fizzled out before it got to Lewes but, from my drone’s eye view, the boundary clouds, being pushed out ahead of the front over the ocean to the east, made for a dramatic view of Lewes. The sun was peeping out where I was on the west side of Lewes but in town, east of me, it was still dark, rainy, and foggy. Pretty cool sky.

Fog Dew
Sunrise This Morning
Sunset Vid

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