A Circle of Sibs

March 20, 2021

I had the opportunity to photograph with Kevin Fleming for several years as he was shooting for a couple of his books.  An apparent ‘gift from above’ for Kevin arrived in the form of a nest of green herons in the top of a tree in his backyard as he was shooting wildlife in Delaware.  I had a chance to photograph the young herons on an occasion or two.  This photo is all about spring to me; rebirth, new starts, looking ahead, all the usual cliches, represented by very young birds with a whole life ahead of them.  In the composition of this photograph, I love the circle the three siblings create as two fight for what ever it is they are tussling over at this particular moment.  The poor guy that makes the bottom of the circle looks to be trying to rest through the event. Such is life.

Echo Lake, VT
Twilight Lewes

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