Branta bernicia

January 10, 2024

I was a little curious yesterday afternoon about what waterfowl and shorebirds were doing as a pretty strong storm was building along the coast.  Not surprisingly, open water areas were free of winged critters but protected areas supported birds trying to shelter from the stiffening wind off the ocean.  To my delight I struck upon a raft of brant a bird species I enjoy seeing in Delaware coastal areas in the winter.  On line investigation informs that something in the neighborhood of 90% of brant in the eastern flyway winter over in NY and NJ so I’m pretty happy to see those that choose DE over states to the north.  With a summer nesting area near northern Hudson Bay in Canada brant have a very long migration.  I personally like knowing a bit about the nature’s system of habitat and animal behavior that is adapted to the natural world.  Something that drives me as a photographer is observing/witnessing beauty and interesting subjects in nature and sharing my experience in the great outdoors through photographs.  I really  enjoyed seeing these brant yesterday.  It was well worth standing in cold wind, a little rain, and not suitably dressed for the weather.  Winter is here, dress accordingly…lesson learned.

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