Chincoteague Sunrise

June 14, 2024

Photographing the rising sun over Chincoteague Island in mid-June provides a very nice landscape of both Chincoteague and Assateague beyond. The southern end of Chincoteague, inland from Tom’s Cove and Tom’s Cove Hook on Assateague, is made up of a very large wetland area.  I like the perspective that my drone provides as from about 350 feet up the very saturated nature of wetlands becomes very evident.  These wetlands provide inestimable value in food chain production.  Coastal Delmarva consists of sand, silt and water, all of which provide a basis and dependency for microorganisms to macroorganisms, algae diatoms to flounder for instance. Our human link and dependency to coastal ecosystems is as old as we are a species.  These soggy lands fortify us emotionally, spiritually and physically.  I have lived on the Delmarva coast full time for nearly 50 years and for 20+ summers before that.  Sand between my toes and salt in my blood, I love this coast and the more I photograph it the more I see the beauty in it.  Maybe one day I will share my deep love of Delmarva in a book.  Who knows what my next chapter is.

Royal Tern Colony
Storm's Comin'
Silver-spotted Skipper

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