It’s the Little Things

October 30, 2023

This is random association but in my mind it works.  Over the past few weeks on Sunday afternoons I have watched World Cup rugby matches which led to the finals televised yesterday before the NFL games began.  The final rugby game was South Africa vs New Zealand, played in France.  South Africa won 12-11 and, following the game a commentator, far more knowledgeable than me on the game, observed that South Africa held the advantage because of how they took care of the “little things”.  He detailed a number of subtle things the winning team had done better but it was his observation about what might not have been very evident to me, a real novice when it comes to international rugby,  that got me thinking. So often in life it is the little things that make a difference.  Transferring that line of thinking to my photography , I have always appreciated fine detail (little things) in nature that tell a story just as much as the big picture does.  What screams fall any better than milkweed pods opening up to send seeds with the wind to propagate their kind.  I caught these silky seeds in good light shortly before sunset, and bonus points for there being milkweed bugs (their actual name) on the seeds.

Fish Wars
Chincoteague Sunrise

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