Meteorological Spring

February 27, 2022

Meteorological spring starts tomorrow which is a welcome harbinger of the good life that spring summer and fall bring to coastal living.  Two days ago I shot and posted a sunset on Rehoboth Bay.  It was a warm day for February and when I got up from kneeling and lying in the wet sand I was cold and I was pretty miserable.  Spring on Delmarva is frustrating as it takes quite a while to warm up but we are rewarded in fall with warmth lingering deep into November. I am posting this photograph today of sunset on Pamlico Sound shot in November last year.  It was a little over a month before the winter equinox and was very warm and comfortable all day and all night.  It was also about two weeks out from meteorological winter and the weather was warm and delightful.  Here we are at the end of that meteorological winter and about 10 weeks past the equinox and the cold lingers.  I am soooo looking forward to the weather changes that will progress over the next two months.

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