Serenity Now!

March 6, 2022

Waaaaay back in 1997 an episode of the sitcom Seinfeld aired with a memorable story line that has George Costanza’s father belting out the line “serenity now” as a way to calm himself down.  Of course Frank, played perfectly by Jerry Stiller, screams it out in a blood pressure rising, raging, angry bellow.  The self help guidance that he failed to absorb was actually sound advice.  Stop and calm down, take in the pleasant things in life, remind yourself that there is beauty and serenity all around you if you choose to see it, feel it and appreciate it.  When I get out in nature to photograph inspiring coastal scenes I absorb, usually without even realizing it,  the serenity of the place and the moment.  Yesterday I set out to photograph a beautiful sunrise scene over low tide sand flats and while I aimed my drone to the east for that view (see yesterday’s post) I also saw a pastel sky, interesting geometric patterns formed by pier and breakwater, and bay waves that was spectacular in their calm simplicity to the north away from the red sky.  A day later, as I look at this image on my computer, I find the scene still very calming.  To me it brings serenity now.  Who doesn’t need a little more serenity in their lives?

Twin Fawns
New Lens
Captiva Sunset

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