Summer Cloud Burst

September 9, 2023

I remember that as a kid a popular term for a quick, intense summer shower was a ‘cloud burst’. I don’t recall the last time I heard anyone refer to a summer shower as a cloud burst but yesterday afternoon in Lewes we had one.  As seen here from the point at Cape Henlopen State Park rain is literally bursting from the clouds.  I was working at home when Pam and I began to hear distant thunder so, after checking weather radar on my phone, I went out to Cape Henlopen pre-visualizing the scene I expected to photograph.  My hunch paid off and I was rewarded with the scene before you.  From the Cape I went over to the west side of Lewes and on my drive there I was ‘burst’ upon by a torrential downpour that reduced visibility through my windshield to about 100 feet in front of me.  A classic summer cloud burst, over in 10 minutes.

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