Sunrise In The Surf

August 24, 2021

I was in (yes that’s correct, IN) the surf yesterday morning before the sun rose.  At one point I was neck deep, although this photograph only required a simple sit among the rocks at Herring Point as waves washed up and back. Something that photography brings to me is a self imposed drive to see things in a different way, or at least to shoot them in a way not often seen. Shooting the ocean and sunrise from in the water appeals to me.  Yesterday, pre-dawn was not very promising when I looked at 5:00 a.m. forecasts and radar maps.  I left my house with little hope for any break in what looked to be complete cloud cover, but to the east there it was.  Clouds V’d in from the right and the rising sun was very near the little bit of sky still free of clouds. The water was warm, the sky was beautiful, and I had a lot of fun getting into the ocean before the sun popped up.  Only the dawn patrol surfers were there to enjoy the scene too.

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