The Colors of Sunrise

April 9, 2021


As a nature and landscape photographer, in my case based on the coast of Delaware, I am an avid weather watcher.  Weather drivers, be they lows, highs, fronts, or summer showers brought about by heat and evaporation, commonly move from south to north, west to east or somewhere in between.  When we have clear, near perfect days followed by an advancing system that brings clouds and rain I hope for the clouds to stay away from the horizon at sunrise long enough for the sun to light them up from beyond the horizon as they advance out over the water.  The forecast for this morning was promising, clouds and rain moving in from the west overnight with rain developing here mid-morning.  I got out to the beach about 40 minutes before sunrise and watched as the sky changed colors from pink/purple, about 20 minutes before the sun tipped the horizon, to the golden glow just moments before the sun appeared. Note how much the clouds changed in this 20 or so minutes too.  Rain is coming.  I photographed these both as panoramas to do justice to the breadth of the beauty of sunrise.

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