There Is A Season, Tern, Tern, Tern

March 2, 2024

Many, perhaps most, photographers concentrate on a particular subject matter. I am more of a generalist as I enjoy photographing a wide variety of subjects.  My unifying broad subject area is the natural world, but I also like photographing people as well as urban scenes.  As a freshman in high school I took a test as part of a social studies class that was intended to reveal what professional career we might aim for based on our personal likes and dislikes as identified by the many questions on the test.  I recall quite clearly my teacher telling me, after he reviewed my results, that he had never come upon someone that seemed to lean toward everything equally.  A nice way of saying, I suppose, is that I didn’t excel at anything.  I guess that’s why I haven’t settled into one genre of photography,  I like everything more or less.  Landscapes, macro, wildlife, weather, oceans, and coasts draw my attention more than most other possibilities.  Travel, people, towns and cities hold my eye as well though.  So today I post a Forster’s Tern, who knows what tomorrow will bring but I hope what I find interesting is interesting to you as well.  The artistry in the form and color of these two terns fishing is what catches my eye.

Rehoboth Marathon
Rainy Day Attractions

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