Winter Light

February 5, 2022

Winter and summer offer two very different extremes in weather on our coast.  Summer’s blistering heat and humidity, here on the Mid-Atlantic coast, is countered by windy, sub freezing cold that can linger for days in the winter.  Under the right conditions Delaware Bay will freeze and even the ocean along the beach has been known to freeze.  I love photographing iced over coastal beaches whenever possible.  The ocean temperature today is 37 degrees and the air temperature dropped overnight from a high of 65 yesterday to a low of 29 this morning.  With daytime highs for the coming week forecast to be in the mid to upper 40s it is unlikely we will see a set up on the bay like this. I’m actually longing for colder weather and the resulting frozen landscape but with little hope of seeing that soon it led me to look back in my files for a previous freeze up.  This photograph was taken on February 22, 2015 during a pretty significant icing on DE Bay.  The view is towed the Delaware Breakwater East End Light at sunset.

Apple Season
Ophelia; Still Feelin' Ya
Ophelia Fowl Weather

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